Beware Scammers Attempting to Illegally Solicit Accident Victims

Texas Border Business Barratry, commonly known as “ambulance chasing,” is the practice of illegally soliciting clients who are in need of the services of a lawyer. Texas attorneys are prohibited from initiating personal contact with potential clients who have not invited such contact. Runners or ambulance chasers are people that work directly or indirectly with attorneys […]


Posted on June 25, 2022 by Michael Lowe. The Three Legal Battlegrounds for Lawyers Accused of Barratry in Texas When tragedies involving the great loss of innocent lives happens here in Texas, an angry response by grieving loved ones as well as the compassionate and concerned is understandable.  Alongside generous outpourings of support come questions of why these […]

Pair of Houston Plaintiff’s Attorneys Face Trial on Civil Barratry Claims

Barratry Ambulance

by George Christian | Feb 25, 2022 The Houston [1ST] Court of Appeals has reversed and remanded a trial court order granting summary judgment in favor of two plaintiff’s attorneys accused of running cases in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. A business owned by one of the attorney’s wives, which provides loans for funeral expenses in […]

Barratry in Texas is Illegal – Taking Action

  Posted by devopsin Legal Malpractice, We Sue Lawyers  If you’re unsure whether or not you have been a victim of barratry in Texas, this article will inform you of the legal ramifications of solicitation and ambulance chasing (barratry), and how to take action if you have been the victim of barratry.  Barratry occurs when a […]

Cold Texting: The New Wave of Barratry

Recently, Harris County and other counties around that state have increased Personal Recognizance bonds. This bond paperwork then becomes public record. In this paperwork, people are requested to list their cell phone numbers, and some marketing companies and lawyers have started using this information to solicit new clients via text messages. Rapidly evolving technology coupled […]

McAllen Mayor Congratulates Injury Attorney Jesse Gonzalez for Exposing Barratry

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition June 2020 This year, before the pandemic slowdown, Injury Attorney Jesse Gonzalez was recognized as the Advertiser of the Year. During the event, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling witnessed while attending The Rio Grande Valley chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF- Rio […]


In 2011 the Texas Legislature amended Tex. Gov’t Code § 82.065 and added § 82.0651. Those statutory changes strengthened civil remedies for clients and created a new civil remedy for nonclients who are subjected to solicitation that violates laws or disciplinary rules regarding barratry. Barratry issues can arise in a variety of legal settings, including […]

Hidalgo District Attorney Urges the Public to Report Ambulance Chasers

Texas Border Business  Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez, Jr. urges the public to report ambulance chasers by calling his office. According to Rodriguez, this is the fastest and most effective way to catch people acting outside the law. “The State is not going to put up with so-called runners.” Runners or ambulance chasers are people that work directly or […]

Valley man connected to Harlingen law firm arrested for barratry

By Mark Reagan – The Monitor The Texas Rangers on Tuesday arrested a paralegal who works for a Harlingen-based law firm which specializes in personal injury litigation stemming from auto accidents on a charge of barratry. Authorities linked 49-year-old Mission resident Juan Salvador Tovar by learning he drove a red Mercedes to Alejandro Deluna Jr.’s […]